The Old Stone Gallery, Greensville, Ontario, Canada

How to find The Old Stone Gallery, Greensville, Ontario, Canada

Although the Old Stone Gallery is tucked away off the main roads, it is on the escarpment about 5 minutes from the Town of Dundas, 20 minutes from Hamilton and just over an hour west of Toronto.

Highway 5 which runs East/West towards Toronto, is 5 minutes away, and Highway 6 which goes south to join the 403 (East towards Toronto and West towards Brantford and London) is 10 minutes away. Highway 403 connects with the QEW (Toronto/Niagara)

There are links on this page to maps that will open in new windows so that you can print them if you need them.

Here is a local map:

This one shows The Old Stone Gallery location once you hit Brock Road at the end of your journey.

Local map of The Old Stone Gallery

Just click on the map for the larger version.

Here is a local map that shows more of the approach roads from Highways 5 and 6:

Area map of The Old Stone Gallery with reference to major highways

Just click on the map for the larger version.

For the techies amongst you, the Longditude and Latitude readings are:
43-16.615 N, 79-59.162W

Whether you are visiting The Old Stone Gallery as a client of one of our tenants, or are actively seeking an alternative place from which to run your business, you will immediately feel the sense of a more creative and stress-free environment.

Spencer Creek, which runs alongside the property, was the source of power for most of the mills that populated the Crooks Hollow Industrial area. Today the creek is a source of peace and tranquility as it flows past the property on its pre-determined course to Websters Falls and then on its way through the Town of Dundas (founded in 1847).

If you like wild-life then you may encounter deer that roam the flood plain between the creek and The Old Stone Gallery. There are also squirrels, raccoons, birds and the occasional rabbit all of which have been seen regularly on the property. You won't encounter moments like that on Bay Street in Toronto!

Most importantly, we have our own car park, so plenty of room for the employers, employees and customers .... and not a parking meter in sight!


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