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  • In today's business world, you need a presence on the Internet. Whether it is to provide your customers with an online brochure - considerably cheaper than printing the real thing, and easy to adjust if prices change or items are discontinued - so much is Internet oriented that companies need their own email address and web site, just to look professional. People don't seem to have time to send 'real' letters (snail mail), unless hard copies of original documents are required.

  • To that end, we want to help our tenants by provide a basic web site so that those without one can compete with other companies. If they already have a web site, then we will provide a basic page and a link to their existing site.

  • What is the cost? Absolutely nothing! It will be part of the service that we will provide to help OUR tenants with their small businesses.

  • This page will list the names of the various companies occupying space at The Old Stone Gallery, and their names will link to the web sites.

  • How many other landlords do you know who would provide a service like that?

  • If you are interested in leasing space, please go to this page.

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