The Old Stone Gallery, Greensville, Ontario, Canada

Checking out Websters Falls park,
Greensville, Ontario, Canada

Websters Falls park used to belong to the Town of Dundas and funding for its upkeep and maintenance was provide by the Knowles Bequest.

Lt.Colonel William Edward Sheridan Knowles, a former resident and Mayor of Dundas, who died in 1931, bequeathed $197,000 for the "beautification of Sydenham Street" in Dundas" and "the Websters Falls area."

Interest earned on the bequest was sufficient to pay for the work but over time, with inflation, the amount available from the bequest was insufficient to cover the maintenance and improvement costs. Eventually in the 1990's the park was handed over to the Hamilton Rgeion Conservation Authority, who have maintained the park since.

It is a beautiful area and attracts people from far and wide. Whether it is for the picnic crowd, family gatherings, wedding photographs at the Cobblestone Bridge or to see Websters Falls, the park is a local jewel and just a five minute walk from the Old Stone Gallery.

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